SCADAview History

  • SCADAview has come a long way, here is a brief history:

XENIX (1985)

Prior to the DOS version we attempted to have someone write a central control program using the XENIX operating system).  Not much is known about this... and it didn't work.

DOS Version 1 (1986)
"Function keys version"
Central card rack CTU5/CTU6
SCADA or HMI was not a term used yet - we just called it "Haynes Central Control" software
Written using Microsoft BASIC.

DOS Version 3 (1987-1990)
First graphic system using Dr. Halo to draw the screens
Central card rack CTU5/CTU6

DOS Version 4-5 (1989-1999)
First version to add support for more than 2 analog inputs in a station
(up to 6 based on special central code written for Web Water Development, SD)
Central card rack CTU7/CTU8 or C2000
Written using Microsoft BASIC Professional Development System 7

Graphics screen example:

SCADAview for Windows (1995-2002)
Central was C2000 or card rack
Written using Microsoft Visual Basic

SCADAview 32 (2003-2011)
Added support for 16-bit analog data from new generation central PLCs (S4500 etc.)

SCADAview CSX (2010 and beyond!)
Added compiled script language and is now cross platform
Written using Xojo (similar to Visual Basic)

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