Status Time Date Age
Data OK 10:59:29a 7-1-22 00:00:01
Levels Value Units Status
Tank Level53.0ftFALL
AI2 Test62107.0psiRISE
AI1 High Setpoint (readback)14.0ft 
Polling Cycle Time51.0sec 
PLC Temperature-77.028DegF 
Data Expression12.0psi 
Average Twr Level0.0ft 
Flow Value Units Status
Flow Rate0.0GPM 
Flow Total0GAL 
24hr Flow Total0GAL 
Discretes SHOA Mode Status
EI26 Name   
Tank Level Failed To Change   
Call Pump   
Not Hidden   
Analog Level Alarm  ALARM

Station Notes
Event Log (today)
12:15:07aMaintenance Cycle Count 3Changed from 52,990 to 52,990
12:15:07aMaintenance Cycle Count 2Changed from 52,734 to 52,734
12:15:07aMaintenance Cycle Count 1Changed from 0 to 0
12:15:07aMaintenance Runtime Meter 3Changed from 1,331.4 to 3,788.9
12:15:07aMaintenance Runtime Meter 2Changed from 420.9 to 376.7
12:15:07aMaintenance Runtime Meter 1Changed from 409.1 to 5,794.7
12:15:07aMaintenance SystemAuto-Adjusting Runtimes / Cycles