The Micro-Comm Advantage

With more than 40 years experience providing water and waste water control systems, Micro-Comm has seen it all – and we have solutions for it all…

Whether your operation is small and specific or large and intricate, Micro-Comm can help you select the right equipment to control process treatment and distribution.


But, the service doesn’t stop there. Any vendor can sell you control units or computer software. Micro-Comm also offers end-to-end system support to ensure that your components integrate and work together to solve your unique business challenges. Our excellent service has built a loyal clientele with hundreds of highly satisfied customers who keep coming back. 

Why such loyalty? It's simple. Micro-Comm does whatever it takes to solve customer problems. In fact, it was that determination that prompted Micro-Comm to use radio telemetry to control and monitor water/wastewater systems, a novel idea back in 1978. Since that time we have broadened our services to provide a full complement of capabilities for our customers. 

What We Do

  • Conduct Systems Analysis and Design Entire Control Systems
  • Manufacture Control Panels, Micro-Controllers (PLCs) and Sensors
  • Supply Process Control and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems
  • Formulate and Produce PLC Software for System Automation, Monitoring, Control and Management
  • Integrate New or Existing Third-Party Equipment to Create a Smooth-Running Operation
  • Develop HMI Software (SCADAview) and Related Add-On Products
  • Develop PLC Programming Software (RTU Config) and Emulators
  • Offer Training for HMI Operation and PLC Programming for our Equipment
  • Provide Service for all supplied Control System Equipment and Software
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