SCADAview® CSX is our very own human-machine interface (HMI) or SCADA software package. It allows the user to monitor the operation of a central-based (CTU) or peer-to-peer (distributed) telemetry system, adjust parameters such as set-points and HOAs, view trend graphs and generate reports based on historical information and use this in custom spreadsheets and reports.

One major advantage of SCADAview over other HMIs is in it's use of the operating systems’s standard user interface for viewing and controlling the entire system. Customized graphic screens can be created and used for control, but the standard displays and control screens will always be there to fall back on. This is especially useful when troubleshooting since all system information is available even if it is not displayed graphically.

History of SCADAview
SCADAview started in 1986 as an MS-DOS based application called "Haynes Central Control" later renamed to SCADAview and refined and updated for over a decade.  Support for the DOS version ended in 1998 and work on a Windows application began, resulting in SCADAview for Windows in 1998.  SCADAview 32 was the next major version which became available in 2003.  We have always maintained an upgrade path (even from the DOS to Windows transition) and will continue this into the future.

SCADAview CSX is now the current version and represents the biggest internal changes made since the original Windows version.  “CSX” stands for “Client / Server / X-platform” because it is now a cross-platform application with versions available for Windows, macOS and Linux.  Setup files are all cross-platform so it’s easy to migrate from one platform to another.  SCADAview CSX targets each of these operating systems with platform-native code for superior performance and compatibility.  Note: SCADAview CSX does not require JAVA, Active X controls or any other special or platform-dependent prerequisites that can later become an installation moving-target.

If you are familiar with older versions of SCADAview, click here to see what's new and improved.
For a more detailed history lesson, 
click here. To see some sample screens for Windows, Linux and macOS, click here.

SCADAview Web Page (SCADAweb CSX)
Available as an add-on product, SCADAweb CSX can generate custom web pages with System Displays, Station Displays, Custom Graphics, Trending and Control information so that operators can access this from anywhere in the world over the Internet.  The web page requires no special browser plugins or ActiveX controls and works well with most web browsers including mobile internet devices.

Click SCADAview CSX Demo Web Page to view a live demo system in our office.

Please note that you will need Internet access and preferably a static IP address to run a web server on the internet. This can be obtained from your local internet provider. SCADAview CSX can be running on the same machine with the web server (Apache or IIS) or on a separate network server machine.

SCADAview Alarm Messaging (SCADAdial CSX)
SCADAdial CSX is an optional add-on product that gives SCADAview CSX voice dialing and messaging capabilities. It is available as a kit that includes both the necessary software and the voice modem hardware. 

SCADAview CSX Demo
You can try the SCADAview CSX Demo version to see how well it will run on your operating system.

SCADAview CSX Graphics
Check out this video to see how easy it is to configure a graphic screen.

SCADAview CSX Graphics Setup

 SCADAview CSX Data Sheet

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