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Micro-Comm offers free phone support Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm

at 913-390-4500. We also provide after hours support weekdays until 8 pm

and on weekends 8 am to 8 pm. In an emergency, to reach after hours

support, call our main number at 913-390-4500 and listen to the prompts

to leave a message for an on call technician.


Feel free to click the links below to learn more about equipment operation

and troubleshooting tips


Common issues:

Loss of signal

Pump/valve fail alarms

Incorrect flow rate/total

SCADAdial not working

CTU server connection alarm


Troubleshooting/learning links:

S3000 PLC

S4000 PLC

M1500 PLC

M1550 PLC

M1650 PLC

S4500 PLC

Pressure transducers


Power supplies

Antennas and coax

Flow meters


Web page


Unusual problems/issues


Helpful links:

How to use a voltmeter

How to use a watt meter

Preventative maintenance

Radio license and interference



How to replace a pressure transducer

How to calibrate a Onecard RTU

How to calibrate an S3000, S4000 or M2000 RTU

Tank calibration using Micro-Comm display

Coax crimp on connector EZ-400-NMH-X


Helpful photos:

Troubleshooting how tos

Micro-Comm product gallery


Older equipment:

Onecard troubleshooting/learning center

Card rack troubleshooting/learning center


Glossary of Terms

Micro-Comm home

Frequently asked questions



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